ÇATOM (Multipurpose Community Centers) Scholarship Program

 Program Overview:

ÇATOMs are community centers working with women and young children in areas of Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia region. ÇATOMs were established in 1995 in cooperation with the Southeastern Anatolian Project (GAP) Administration and UNICEF. CATOMs recently expanded to include the Black Sea Region with the funds received from the European Union.

The overall objective of ÇATOMs is to enhance the status of women and the young population in the region. In order to achieve the objectives, ÇATOMs has various social programs, one of which is the “Scholarship Program.” Those in charge of ÇATOMs, together with the schools, select successful students who are unable to continue their education due to social and financial problems. Heads of ÇATOM visit selected students` homes, collect information about the students and their families, and arrange for bank accounts to be opened in the name of the students or the students` mothers. Letters of recommendation from students` teachers and the scholarship information sheet are then sent to GAP Social Projects Unit and ÇATOMs in order for the students to receive a scholarship and continue their education. For more information on the program please visit www.gap.gov.tr/English/catom-urun/cburs.html

ATFC coordinated with donors to provide scholarships to 64 students. Seventeen of our past scholarship recipients have graduated from college and five from high school. Meet some of our students:

  • Songül is a 22 year old female student from Van, Turkey. She is in her 4th year at Tunceli University majoring in sociology. She has 9 other siblings. Her father is a farmer. Both her parents are illiterate.
  • Emine is a 18 year old female student from Şanlıurfa, Turkey. She is in 12th grade. She has 4 other siblings. Her mother is a homemaker; her father is unemployed. They have no fixed income.
  • Esma is an 13 year old female student from Şırnak, Turkey. She is in 8th grade. She has 6 other siblings. Her mother is a homemaker; her father is a street vendor. They have no fixed income.
  • Gamze is a 9 year old female student from Kilis, Turkey. She is in the 3rd grade. She lives with her mother and grandmother. Her mother is a cleaning lady.

Usage of Funds:

College students receive $1,500, high school students receive $750, and elementary school students receive $600 per year.

Posted: Fri, Jan 23, 2015