ÇATOM (Multipurpose Community Centers) Project


Program Overview:


In 1995, the Southeastern Anatolian Project (GAP) Administration, in cooperation with UNICEF, established ÇATOMs to enhance the status of women and the young population in areas of Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia region. CATOMs recently expanded to include the Black Sea Region with the funds received from the European Union.

In addition to the Scholarship Program, ÇATOMs also work with schools in the region to fulfill schools` and students’ needs.

Each year, the American Turkish Friendship Council selects one or two ÇATOM projects and becomesa sponsor. To date we have provided:

  • School supplies to 7,320 students
  • Coats to 1,350 students
  • Boots to 600 students
  • Healthcare to 500 students
  • Personal care items, food, clothing and toys to reading rooms.

We also supported 7 libraries, provided 26 computers, 11 projectors, a heater and a sound system tovarious schools in the region. ATFC also built playgrounds and basketball courts in two elementary schools in the earthquake stricken Van area with the intention to provide children an opportunity to play, socialize, and relieve stress to help them recover from the trauma that the earthquake has caused them.


Our objective in 2015 is to provide the following in Van, Turkey:

  • School supplies to 1,500 students
  • Support 5 libraries
  • Provide 5 computers and 5 projectors


Posted: Wed, Feb 4, 2015