Turkish Breast Cancer Center - Mersin

Program overview:

The ATFC has embarked on the largest project in its history; the establishment of a Breast Cancer Center in the city of Mersin on Turkey’s southern coast. The Center, established in 2011 serves a region of the country currently in need of a comprehensive approach to the detection and treatment of breast cancer. The Center provides specifically under-privileged women with all the resources necessary to detect, diagnose, and treat their breast cancer at the earliest stage possible. The early detection followed by treatment and rehabilitation is the key to increased recovery rates.

Turkish Honorary Consul General for Georgia Mona Diamond Sunshine; the American Turkish Friendship Council; Dr. Lorraine Tafra of the Anne Arundel Medical Center Breast Center, Annapolis, Maryland; Dr. Ruth O’Regan; and Dr. Ömer Küçük of Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia; Mersin State Hospital and the Turkish Ministry of Health have developed a model Breast Cancer Center for complementing the treatment of breast cancer in Turkey.

An “Awareness” program will be an important component of the project as well. Dr. Ömer Küçük of Emory Winship Cancer Institute, and Mersin State Hospital will be coordinating the project together with the Turkish Ministry of Health. 

Upon the success of the Breast Cancer Center in Mersin, the ATFC was asked to work on launching a similar initiative at the Adana State Hospital. Together with the hospital officials in Mersin and Adana, the Turkish Ministery of Health, Dr. Ömer Küçük of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory Hospital and Ms. Yasmina Lokmanoğlu, ATFC’s Project Co-Chair, will now develop a program to focus more on “Awareness, Health Promotion, and Early Detection”. 

An additional benefit of the Center’s establishment will be the creation of many jobs in related support activities such as telecommunications, maintenance, finance and accounting, translation services, hospitality and dining. 


Posted: Wed, Feb 4, 2015