The Turkish Language Program

Program Overview:

The Turkish Language Program offers an opportunity for American students to learn both Turkish language and to prepare for the Criminal Justice Masters exchange program between Turkey and Georgia State University.

The Turkish Language Program at Georgia State University (GSU) was launched in 2005. The 3 credit course is an important component of The Middle East Program at the University. It also complements the other two languages offered, Hebrew and Arabic.

The class introduces students to the language, culture and history of Turkey. The class also exposes students to Turkey’s role as a critical player in the global political and business arenas, as well as Turkey’s position as an important ally and trading partner of the U.S.

The first two years of the program were funded by the Turkish Consulate General in New York during Ömer Onhon’s appointment as Consul General, in cooperation with Mona Diamond Sunshine, the Honorary Consul General of Turkey in Georgia and Chairman of the American Turkish Friendship Council.

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Posted: Tue, Jan 6, 2015