ATFC Year in Review

We are very pleased to announce that in 2017, the ATFC has raised over $90,000 through its educational outreach project, Change for Life (C4L).

In Turkey we:

  • Supported 990 students in 3 schools in Mardin and Urfa in Turkey. (stationary supplies, books, computers, projectors, coats)
  • Offered Scholarships to 50 students (elementary through college)
  • Provided "Bayram" shoes for over 200 children in Mardin elementary school.

In US:

  • Initiated a partnership with Moving in the Spirit, a youth development program that uses the art of dance to positively transform the lives of children and teens (ages 3 to 18) in Atlanta, Georgia. The collaboration will include need-based financial aid/scholarships for the girls in their programs and a two-year peer-to-peer hybrid learning project with students from Atlanta and Turkey. The students will learn each other's cultural dances via online exchanges and in person workshops and create a video.
  • ATFC provided financial aid for 15 girls its GLOW in Motion and Girls in Motion programs.

Annually ATFC’s C4L committee hosts two campaigns; the spring fundraising event and also in the fall the Movie Night presentation.

Your contributions via these events will be used to support the education of disadvantaged, Turkish and American, children and adolescent girls through the ATFC - C4L Project.

The U.S. Contributions and pledges for the scholarships are accepted from private donors on the academic term basis.

To date, our individual and corporate donors’ gifts for both initiatives exceeded $650,000 to sponsor over 14,000 students.

Posted: Tue, Dec 19, 2017