A Bayram gift they will remember

  •  In September, Nesrin will start the 4th grade and she has a dream unlike any other. A wish which would be incredibly easy for us to grant. A dream she hopes can become a reality. All she wants is a new pair of shoes for Bayram.


  • Nesrin is determined to get an education. She is deaf but this doesn’t hold her back. What holds her back is not having a good pair of shoes to walk to school in. This is all she wants for Bayram, a new pair of shoes. Nesrin is not the only child who is in need of new shoes, other children from the same school are in need of shoes. It is Turkish tradition for kids to receive new shoes on Bayram, and in cases such as Nesrin’s it also a meaningful necessity. 


  • Help us keep true to the Turkish tradition of giving these children new shoes for the Bayram. A $15.00 donation will help make their dream come true. With this amount, we can give one child a new pair of shoes. Also, we would appreciate it if you could donate enough to give more than one child a new pair of shoes.


  • As the Bayram approaches, Mardin school students request your caring assistance. We want to make their day by giving them new shoes. 

Translation (Video): My student is deaf. She requested that I convey her thanks to you and also sends her best wishes to everyone for a Happy Bayram.

Posted: Wed, Aug 16, 2017