Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts

Breast cancer specialists Dr. Banu Arun, Dr. Abigail Caudle, and Dr. Pamela Schlemback of MD Anderson Hospital in Houston traveled to Turkey to collaborate with Dr. Meltem Duce of Mersin University Hospital and Dr. Metin Altinkaya of Adana State Hospital. These doctors worked together to see that women in Turkey have access to all the means for early diagnoses and treatment with less invasive and effective techniques for Breast Cancer. In addition, they worked on delivery of “Awareness, Health Promotion, and Early Detection” training to women in this region.
On behalf of all the Turkish women who are currently fighting or may fight this fatal disease one day, we would like to thank all of our valuable donors and sponsors for their generous support to ATFC’s Breast Cancer Project (BCCM). Their contributions enabled this important collaboration opportunity to take a big step towards survival and healthy recovery. Our special thanks go to Turkish Airlines for their continuous support and to our board member and Co-Chair of the BCCM Project Yasmina Lokmanoglu who has generously hosted the doctors and coordinated their visit.

Posted: Thu, Jun 4, 2015