School Outreach Project 2016

On May 6, 2016, The American Turkish Friendship Council's School Outreach Project continued to educate young American students about the history and culture of Turkey at Sutton Middle School by the volunteers from Oglethorpe and Georgia State University. More than 300 7th and 8th graders attended the presentation.

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The Turkish Language Program

The Turkish Language Program offers an opportunity for American students both to learn Turkish and to prepare for the Criminal Justice Masters exchange program between Turkey and Georgia State University.The Turkish Language Program at Georgia State University (GSU) was launched in 2005. The 3 credit course is an important component of The Middle East Program at the university and complements the other two languages offered, Hebrew and Arabic.

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Educational Exchange Programs

The ATFC aims to support local universities and companies to help them meet their international student, student internship, and faculty exchange objectives. The ATC also would help them to increase cultural awareness of Turkey and to support students and faculty members with the skills necessary to work in a global environment. There are many wonderful opportunities to not only help Turkish students and faculty to visit the U.S., but also for American students and faculty to participate in the Turkish university system.

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School Outreach Project to promote Turkey to American Students

With the idea of immersing young children to multicultural environments at an early age, the American Turkish Friendship Council established a new educational and cultural initiative. The aim is to increase the awareness of Turkish history and culture to K through 12 students in Atlanta, Georgia. The knowledge gained will give these students a broadened outlook on world cultures, which will benefit them as they move into a world where cultural boundaries are progressively blurred.

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