Berk Uzgören

Berk Uzgören was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He began his education at Irmak High School and graduated from Milton High school in 2011. Berk completed his second year at University of North Georgia and is transferring to Georgia Institute of Technology with an international business major, minoring in information technology. 


Berk Uzgören has been an honor student in University of North Georgia since 2011 and an active member of Phi Tetha Kappa. He has been involved with the community outreach programs and done more than 80 hours of community service at non profit organizations such as Humane Society, Georgia Food Bank Association and Habitat for Humanity. Berk is also an active volunteer at International Student Organization (ISO) in University of North Georgia to welcome the new students from all over the world  and to assist them with adapting to their new environment . Berk competes in Intermural Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments and represents University of North Georgia basketball and volleyball teams in other colleges.

Posted: Thu, Oct 30, 2014