Dilek Uzgören

  • Dilek Uzgören was born in Bandirma in 1965. Mrs. Uzgören has worked for various IT companies until she and her husband founded the Elips Electronics Co. in Istanbul, Turkey in 1989. Dilek Uzgören also founded the KumSaati Web Design Company in 1999 and launched the first educational children’s website in Turkey. Mrs. Uzgören is currently the President of Elips Electronics, USA which has been opened in Atlanta in 2009 to provide hardware, software and website services to their customers. 
  • As one of the founders of the Altiyol-Istanbul Lions Association, Mrs. Uzgören served at various Officer positions including the vice president and the president of the association until 2006. The association has developed numerous projects to support the education and basic needs of underprivileged children. Dilek Uzgören also volunteers as the IT director for the American Turkish Friendship Council and supports ATFC’s Newsletter and CATOM projects. Mrs. Uzgören is married and has one son.

Posted: Thu, Oct 30, 2014