Dr. Tamer Çavuşgil, PhD

  • Dr. Çavuşgil specializes in the internationalization of the firm, global strategy, emerging markets, and buyer-seller relationships in cross-border business. Most recently, he has developed a framework for analyzing country risk as a way of creating risk-resilient enterprises. Dr. Çavuşgil’s professional career spans teaching, research and administrative responsibilities in international business at Michigan State University, Bradley University, University of Wisconsin, and the Middle East Technical University (Turkey). In addition, he served as Senior Fulbright Scholar to Australia and taught at Monash University. Recently, he was appointed a visiting Professor at Manchester Business School, and as Gianni and Joan Montezemolo Visiting Chair at the University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom.
  • Dr. Çavuşgil has authored more than a dozen books and over 200 refereed journal articles. His work is among the most cited contributions in international business. His books include International Business: The New Realities, 3rd Ed., co-authored with G. Knight and J. Riesenberger; and Doing Business in Emerging Markets, 2nd Ed., co-authored with P. N. Ghauri, and A. A. Akcal, London: Sage

    Publications, 2013. Dr. Çavuşgil holds MBA and Ph.D. degrees in business from the University of Wisconsin.

Posted: Thu, Oct 30, 2014