Fatoş N. Bozer

  • Born in January 14, 1964 in Ankara Turkey, Fatoş attended Ankara College for her elementary, secondary and high school education. Upon graduation from Ankara College, she studied Archeology in University of Ankara's Faculty of Language, History and Geography. She graduated from University of Ankara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986.

  • Fatoş married Ahmet Bozer in 1986 and gave birth to Kerem in 1988 and Esra in 1990, both born in Atlanta, Georgia

  • In 1992, Ahmet's job required the family to move to Istanbul Turkey.

  • While focusing on raising her two children, Fatoş was able to volunteer in two charity organizations. During her work with the Association of Friends of Children, she worked closely with orphans, keeping her connection with them up until the present time.

  • She also volunteered with the Academy of Dreams, an NGO focused on helping people with special needs to become fully active members of society.

  • Fatoş currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Ahmet.

Posted: Thu, Oct 30, 2014