Mehmet Ferit İsbir

  • Mehmet was born on October 18th, 1948 in Ankara Turkey and got married in 1977. His wife’s name is Sevgi. Together they have two married daughters. Aslı and Sera. They also enjoy two very dear grand children, Kaan and Bade. Mehmet retired as the department chair of pharmacology faculty of the Mediterranean University, located in Antalya Turkey. Currently, he is teaching part-time at Girne American University in Northern Cyprus.
  • He attended and graduated from Ankara College Foundation Private Schools. After graduating from high school; he entered Ankara University to major in Pharmacology. Following his Clinical Analytical Chemistry, I started working as an academician in Ankara University. In 1982 he received an invitation to move to Antalya to found the Pharmacology Department at the Mediterranean University. Starting with his career move to teach in Antalya in 1982 until his retirement, Mehmet received and accepted many visiting scholar posts in the UK and the United States. During which one of those jobs to the UK their eldest daughter was born. In 2015 he was asked to come to Mayo Clinic. Dept. of biomedical sciences for a year to explore Mitochondria in depth. After his retirement, his wife and him moved to Istanbul to be close to their daughters and their families. Presently, they divide their time between homes in Bodrum, İstanbul, and Atlanta. Mehmet is very active in the International Rotary Club and he enjoy attending their meetings.

Posted: Sun, Dec 24, 2017