ATFC Alliances

The Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning - Emory University

For the Endowed Turkish Lecture Series program, the American Turkish Friendship Council partners with the Halle Institute to bring public intellectuals of the highest caliber in the fields of Ottoman and Turkish studies to speak and interact with students, faculty and members of the Atlanta-area community. Topics include history, politics, and culture.

CATOM (Multipurpose Community Centers)

ÇATOMs are community centers working with women and young children in areas of Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region. ÇATOMs were established in 1995 in cooperation with the Southeastern Anatolian Project (GAP) Administration and UNICEF. CATOMs recently expanded to include the Black Sea Region with the funds received from the European Union.

The overall objective of ÇATOMs is to enhance the status of women and the young population in the region. In order to achieve the objectives, ÇATOMs has various social programs, one of which is the “Scholarship Program.” ATFC coordinates with donors to provide scholarships to students in Turkey.


The American Turkish Friendship Council partnered with the MedShare International Project in an effort to provide essential medical supplies and equipment to hospitals in the developing areas of Turkey. The ATFC has raised the money to make a shipment of medical supplies to Kızılay (Turkish Red Crescent) in Turkey. MedShare was established in 1999 by two concerned Atlanta citizens inspired by two critical situations – the medical needs of underserved populations worldwide, and the environmental threat of discarded surplus. Each year more than two million tons of medical waste is generated in the United States. MedShare collects unopened, surplus medical supplies and unused or slightly used equipment from the U.S. hospitals and manufacturers, processes and sterilizes the donated material, and makes it available to hospitals and clinics overseas. For each project, the MedShare staff puts together a container of supplies and equipment tailored to the exact needs of the recipient hospital. Containers are shipped directly to the hospitals, and the MedShare staff manages the program once the items are delivered. The staff also makes sure that the shipments are received on time, undamaged and that the equipment is put to proper use.

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Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey - KAGIDER

 The American Turkish Friendship Council has partnered with Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey - KAGIDER to conduct the inaugural International Women`s Entrepreneurship Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2009. Kagider's mission is to increase the number of women entrepreneurs who generate added value, to strengthen existing women entrepreneurs, and to integrate Turkish women entrepreneurs to global community.

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